Fears and Nightmares Series

As promised a preview of my fears and nightmares collection:

Claustrophobia – A person with claustrophobia may panic inside an enclosed space.
I have this nightmare of being stuck between rocks underwater and not being able to get out YIKES!!!! I am a little claustrophobic, but not extremely I just hate being in one spot for so long and when it gets too hot I start to panic.

Mottephobia – is the fear of moths.
I really really hate moths, I fear them, not to the extreme but I think they are grose, the way they flutter and they always seem to fly directly at me.

Nightmare – Remember the movie Silent Hill? WELL that movie really freaked me out, things like this give me chills down my spine, but at the same time I do love things like that even though it scares me.

About Lexi

đź“· PHOTOGRAPHER + GRAPHIC DESIGNER based in Sydney, Australia. Art director for ANZ Snowboarding Magazine, K-Zone and Luna + Honey.

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