My weekend Adventure!

Usually I don’t do much on my weekends but this time it was really adventurous and exciting! My friend Polly had friends here in Sydney from Estonia, so we went on a little adventure.

On Saturday, we first went to the Australian International Furniture exhibition, a good friend of mine was exhibiting her amazing work. She created a beautiful yet simple doggie bed, its very designer and I absolutely love it.
Here she is with her piece:

Afterwards, we walked down to Sydney University and by this time the lighting was perfect. SO I took this opportunity to take some photos.  Syd Uni is such a beautiful building, I have always had this obsession with castles and I think the Uni really looks like one, unfortunately Australia has no castles so I think this is as close as we will get to one.

Afterwards, when the sun came down, we ended up at an Estonian Night full of traditional food, music and cultural artwork inside the building. Was definitely something new and I learned a lot about one culture which I had known nothing about withing couple of hours.

The next day…… a group of us had organized an excursion to go to the Rozelle Tram Depot to take some photos.
This was an awesome experience, we were all so very excited but kept our cool, and after probably and hour of trying to figure out a way to get in, we found the entrance and WOW I felt like a little kid back in toys’r’us, our eyes lit up and I was so excited.

It is a little sad to see these beautiful trams destroyed by vandalism, as I believe they are the only 6 left which used to run through Sydney from 1901 and was closed in the 1960s.

But I do admit some of the graffiti in there is very artistic, and I believe this is a form of art and shows talent, it’s unfortunate these people feel the need to vandalise property to show this.

So here are the photos from my adventurous and exciting long weekend !!!

S x

P.s. Sorry Nathan, I stole his group shot ( which his not in) I love love love this photo!!!!

Also check his photos out, SO amazing!


About Lexi

📷 PHOTOGRAPHER + GRAPHIC DESIGNER based in Sydney, Australia. Art director for ANZ Snowboarding Magazine, K-Zone and Luna + Honey.


  1. cherokeebydesign

    Awesome shots, all the bright colors make for some great photos.

    and your friend with the dog bed is who????


    • Such a difference when i took those photos and to how I take photos now. My editing has improved a lot, which I am so happy about.

      haha that’s one of my good friends. She’s very creative with the dog bed hey ?

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