Self Portraits!

So I usually hate self portraits and any photos of myself, I always run away from the camera and don’t like it when someone points the camera in my direction. haha I love being behind the camera, not in front of it.

Anyway.. I’ve been dying to do this type of shoot for months, I had no models or anyone keen enough so I kinda got sick of waiting to find someone and just decided to do it myself. It took a few hours to get these few photos, firstly because I don’t smoke, so getting the technique right took a while after choking a few times and secondly, my wireless trigger didn’t work, so I actually had to sit super close and take the photo holding the camera. By the end of it.. my eye was super red cos of the smoke, my throat was hurting and I smelt horrible! Kinda worth it.. cos I am really happy with the final result.



About Lexi

đź“· PHOTOGRAPHER + GRAPHIC DESIGNER based in Sydney, Australia. Art director for ANZ Snowboarding Magazine, K-Zone and Luna + Honey.

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